What To Bring To Settlement

In this video Deirdre P Brown gives you tips on items on what Buyers and Sellers should bring with them to settlement.


Hello this is Deirdre Brown your settlement agent serving Maryland, DC and Virginia. Today we're going to talk about what do you need to bring to settlement.

If you are a buyer you want to make sure to being with you an original unexpired government issued ID with photo.  You may also need to bring a second ID with photo.  Some lenders  require it some do not. Reach out to your loan officer and find out if they require a second ID. In addition please make sure before settlement you have reviewed your closing disclosure statement with your loan officer.  This is a five page document that goes over all your debits and credits it also tells you how much cash you will need to close. If your cash to close is a large amount we recommend that you wire it to the title company the day  before settlement or you can give us what is called guaranteed funds. That would be a certified check or money order.  We do not accept personal checks above a certain amount and of course we do not take cash or credit cards so you want to make sure that you take care of all of your banking needs before you come to settlement.

For sellers you also need to bring with you a government-issued photo ID. We only need one.  You also want to make sure to review your closing disclosure statement with either your agent or your title professional before settlement.  If you see any discrepancies please reach out to us so that we can correct that for you.  You want to make sure that you bring with you your wire instructions so we can wire you your proceeds.  You want to make sure that you provide the routing number for incoming wires. The routing number on the bottom of your check is not  always the incoming wire routing number.  Sometimes times that ABA number is actually not good for incoming wires so you want to reach out to your bank before settlement and confirm the correct routing number for incoming wires. In addition you want to make sure you don't forget to bring the key to give to the new buyer, your garage opener if applicable, etc.

If you have more title related questions please reach out to me at closewithdee.com