Location Drawing vs. Boundary Line Land Survey

This is Deirdre Brown, your settlement agent serving the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virgina. Today we are going to talk about land surveys.  When you purchase a property your title company is going to ask you whether you want a land survey and if so whether you want a location drawing or a boundary line survey.  The two most common questions we receive are what is the difference between the two and do I need a survey. In general, a survey will  provide you with information about property lines in conjunction with your neighbor’s property lines. How your house is situated on the land as well as any improvements that have been made on the property.

A location drawing is the most basic form of a land survey. The surveyor comes out and will produce a drawing that shows your property lines and illustrates the structures on our property. 

A boundary line survey is more accurate. They come out and they actually measure the metes and bounds. They will mark the property lines normally with stakes or some type of markers. This is the one you are going to need if you decide to get a permit for a fence or other improvements to the land.  

There is also a cost difference. A location drawing can run you anywhere from two hundred to five hundred dollars depending on how big your property is and a boundary line survey can run you up to two thousand dollars or so depending on once again how big the property is. 

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